As a rule, effective user acquisition campaign includes mobile advertising. To get the full value of it, mobile marketers try to diversify ad inventory sources and include several additional platforms into the list of advertising channels. A self-serve platform for user acquisition is one of such solutions for marketers, who are looking to engage wider audience, while retaining full control of the ad campaigns.

Getting more diverse sources

For getting the most from user acquisition, it is essential to share your message with as many people as possible. Connecting to another platform for user acquisition can expand the brand outreach and increase the number of  available publishers, and therefore, potential customers.

Self-serve solutions cope with this task, while providing additional advantage — no superfluous costs for running ad campaigns. With a self-serve solution there will be no account manager of another company to run your ad campaigns. All the tools for launching and customizing mobile ads are gathered in one place.

How to launch an ad campaign with a self-serve platform

We decided to look closer at the opportunities for user acquisition optimization on the example of one of such services — Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers.

This useful tool provides additional mobile inventory for advertisers without adding extra marketing costs. As the Platform is completely a self-serve, it is possible to launch easy and fast. Advertisers don’t have to wait until account managers optimize the ads, customize targeting and pitch campaigns to publishers.

Self-serve transfers all the control to the advertiser: defining target audience, choosing geos, OS and traffic type for campaigns. It takes only several clicks to get campaign started. You can choose to test it before the launch or run without testing.

How to optimize user acquisition create campaign clickky

Leveraging optimization tools

One of the most difficult tasks for a mobile marketer is getting a right CPI for the campaigns. It is easy to make the mistake of paying too much or too little, making your ads perform poor in the competition. Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers offers a unique tool, which helps to estimate the CPI rate for each campaign with maximum precision. CPI Recommendation Tool aggregates data from Clickky’s campaigns and shows the average cost per install for each geolocation in a particular moment.

How to optimize user acquisition tracking clickky

Campaigns run on the Platform can be optimized even after the launch. Quality optimization is available thanks to the Retention Rate Tool. It helps selecting quality sources that bring long-term returning users. You can eliminate the sources that bring poor quality traffic with the help of Blacklisting tool.

Tracking and analyzing

Effective campaign optimization is impossible without thorough analysis of the traffic sources. User acquisition and ad campaign run have to be transparent, so the advertisers can take reasonable decisions about campaign optimization.

Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers conveniently offers automatic tracking link integration testing within the platform. It works with the world’s leading tracking services, like Appsflyer, Flurry, Appmetrica and Kochava, allowing to get transparent evaluation of the Platform’s performance.

How to optimize user acquisition define targeting clickky

Another great option available on the Platform — SDK that you can get for free, removing the cost of attribution from your budget. Just integrate it into your app and track the results of your ad campaigns to tailor the experience for the users.


User acquisition campaign can win a lot from by adding a self-serve platform to the list of the channels. It’s about getting wider audience without having to pay more. All the campaigns are under the control of an advertiser, who can optimize, test, launch and pause them as needed. To add to that, statistics are always available and tracking solutions allow to check the sources and blacklist those showing poor results.

Written by Galina from Clickky
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